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Embajadores del bloque

Hola vecinos de Tantallon, Mi nombre es Karima St. Clair. Como EMBAJADORES DEL BLOQUE, unimos socialmente a nuestro vecindario, promovemos la seguridad y nos comunicamos manteniendo una lista de contactos actualizada de nuestros vecinos. Comuníquese conmigo por correo electrónico: Karima St. Clair en o teléfono móvil: 301-254-8714.

Hello Tantallon Family,

This community relies on homeowners to be responsible in keeping our community clean, safe, and neighborhood friendly. Being involved in the Tantallon Citizens Association is an incredible way to support our community. This is also where we may address our concerns, share things happening in our neighborhood, our community and any issues you may have as a homeowner. We are also looking to be that first go to for any issues that concern you.

We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer. We are a role model community. We are proud to live here! Let’s invest in our neighborhood which is investing in our homes and our home value!

hay poder en los números

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