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Somos el COMITÉ DE COMUNICACIONES. Aprovechamos las conversaciones que se presentan, compartimos lo que es relevante y lo que es alentador. Buscamos voluntarios para unirse a nuestro equipo que estén familiarizados con la plataforma Adobe Design, junto con otros programas gráficos y para compartir. Puede comunicarse con nosotros en ¡Esperamos con interés escuchar de usted!

Being able to engage in our community conversations, relations, and with our content ensures an opportunity for us to continue to thrive. The most valued part of relationships is communication. We created it to streamline how we engage with everyone in the community. The easiest way is to compartmentalize the information while sharing with all. We harness the conversations presented within, share what’s relevant and that which is encouraging. We are looking for volunteers to you join our team to enhance how we communicate.

hay poder en los números

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