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Compromiso familiar

Ya sea que se trate de configuración, avería, equipo de recados o envío de correos electrónicos, nos encantaría tenerlo de guardia para trabajar con nosotros. Nunca es un momento aburrido en el COMITÉ DE PARTICIPACIÓN FAMILIAR. Envíenos un correo electrónico a: TCA.Family.Engagement@

We look forward to engaging our amazing families in activities that brings us closer together. With focus on the elderly, kids, parents, singles and our animal babies, we want to create enriching expe- riences with our friends and neighbors.Through these activities we create lifelong bonds that continue to promote a long standing legacy of Tantallon.We are currently seeking volunteers who can be called upon to lend a helping hand for our exciting experiences. Whether it set-up, breakdown, errand crew or sending emails, we would love to have you on-call to work with us. It’s never a dull moment on the Family Engagement Committee!

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