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Photo Credit: David Ross and Britain Express

As I Remember Tantallon

by Walt Coady

Tax season was finally over, and I had joined Tantallon Country Club, a new club/golf course in Prince Georges County, Maryland. At the time the golf course consisted of just nine holes, but the remaining nine holes and club house would open later that year. Tantallon was a development started by U S Land Corporation and was named after a castle near North Berwick, Scotland. It was the last genuinely great castle built in Scotland. William Douglas built it in the mid-1300s and was it partially destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in 1651. My wife and I were fortunate to visit the castle remains on one of our trips.

TCA History
by Ed Carlstead

The Tantallon Citizens Association (TCA) was founded in October, 1965. It was founded as a volunteer community association. As such, it differs from a so-called Homeowners Association with mandatory annual dues from all landowners. The original TCA founders were Judge Sam DeBlasis, Elmo Denton and BGen. William D. Elbert. On October 28, 1965, the Tantallon Citizens Association was incorporated as a non profit organization under the laws of the State of Maryland.

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